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Pulse Software


Benefits to clients

· Ability to transform data into meaningful and useful information

· Discover, define and analyze performance metrics & trends

· Identify gap analysis performance. Highlight revenue opportunities

· Pulse introduces key new metrics. IDR, RDR & IASP to the Hospitality industry

· Pulse provides business intelligence, transforming data into predictive analytics allowing for proactive decision-making.

· Pulse replaces outmoded spreadsheets with real-time analytics

· Pulse analyzes current and historic data to provide clean, accurate forecasting of future sales performance.

· Centralized application enabling business process transformation


Metric Impact

 · Intelligible vision & trending of new key metrics IDR, RDR, True Ops  with industry standard metrics. REVPar, & ADR .

· Scrutinize data in real-time.

· Comprehend Frontline employee performance

· Gauge how employee performance affects hotel revenue forecasting & growth.

· Forecast trends, opportunities and deficiencies.


Real time

 · Real time reporting to your computer, tablet or smart phone. (soon Apple® Watch)

· Clean, easy to understand performance analytics displayed in visually graphs and charts

· Introduction of new, industry specific metrics to identify your business’s true performance potential

· Comparative analytics to identify trends as well as variances in performance

· Performance variances by employee and the financial impacts and opportunities

· Quantification of training and attrition

Pulse is a radical shift in business technology transformation.

Aggregating proprietary methodologies and performance algorithms, Pulse 1.0 provides real-time actionable analytics.

A comprehensive view of all performance areas, Pulse removes the noise from data to glean one transparent view for business owners. Pulse transcends into predictive analytics applications for proactive decision making while supporting continuous revenue optimization. Pulse is a fusion of business and technology.





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